Macleans Park


Macleans Park is one of the largest recreation reserves in the Howick area at about 36 ha in size. There’s a great mix of large open grassy spaces and planted gullies. The park is bounded by Macleans College, Eastern Beach and residential dwellings but isn’t fenced so make sure your pup has good recall if you wander near the periphery as it goes close to the road.

There’s a small network of trails you can use to do a circuit of the park, it’ll take about 30-40mins to do a full loop. It’s all off-leash (expect for the picnic area at the south end of The Esplanade) so is a perfect spot for your dog to have a good run. The grassy area below Macleans College provides a perfect spot for fetch, especially with the rolling hills and spectacular view over Eastern Beach. Remember to take a hat if it’s sunny, about half the circuit is wide open with very little cover until you enter the gully.

The picnic area is right by the beach so perfect for family outings also though your pup will have to be kept on-lead in that area during summer hours.

Location: South end of The Esplanade

Snowy’s Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Snowy loves the wide open spaces, plenty of room to get up to top speed! It’s a must visit if you’re out this way. Not only is it a good space for your pup to run about in, but it is also a great walking circuit with expansive views over Eastern Beach.

✔️ Large off leash area with mix of grass fields and planted gullies
✔️ Popular with other dog pawrents
✔️ Family friendly
✔️ Great walk about 30mins in length

55: Great spot!

While we do our upmost to ensure all information is correct. Council policy does change and you should always check the council website for the latest guidelines.

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