The story behind BarkBag

At Bark Bag we deliver a customised selection of treats and super-fun toys each month based on what your dog has loved in previous months.

We build up a relationship with our canine clients to deliver a bag which we know they’ll love and is matched to their unique needs such as allergies or particular favourites!
We pick the best treats for your dog with a particular emphasis on sourcing natural and local NZ made treats. We are able to deliver this level of customisation with a bit of technical wizardry.

The Pack

Meet the team behind our Bark Bags

Snowy the CTO



Chief testing officer that is! He makes sure all treats and toys are just pawfect! His favourite treats include bully sticks and pig ears! His favourite pastimes include long walks on the beach, at the park, suburbs... really just anywhere.

Mai the Founder



Accused of being a 'crazy dog lady', this top dog makes sure every bag is perfect and the pack is running smoothly. Mai is passionate about ensuring each and every one of Bark Bag's canine clientele is happy and just can't wait until the next bag is delivered.

Michael the other 'CTO'


The other 'CTO'

Customising Bark Bags for each of our furry friends is no walk in the park. Michael makes sure Bark Bags are delivered on time with a little electronic wizardry.

Our story

Bark Bag was founded in 2016 by Mai. Having developed a reputation for being that ‘crazy dog lady’, it was only appropriate she leave her previous life as a corporate lawyer to focus full time on making as many dogs as happy as possible.

Recognising that each dog is different and as such, deserves to be treated differently is an important aspect of Bark Bag. Bark Bag focuses on working with local producers and businesses to find the best and most unique products to include for each of our canine clients. By getting a Bark Bag, you are ensuring that your dog is getting a unique experience tailored just for them.

We are committed to making as many dogs as happy as possible, not just our canine clientele. We believe that dogs in shelters or foster care without humans to call their own deserve the best treats and toys also. We support charities around New Zealand and our recent Buy One: Give One campaign with Chained Dog Awareness in New Zealand was a huge success.

We can’t wait for you to join our Pack and get to know you!

The Pack has your back

We are super proud of our Bark Bags. If there’s something in there that your dog really doesn’t like - we’ll fix it.


Join the pack

We can't wait to get to know you and your pup

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