Coyle Park


Coyle Park is located on the tip of the Pt. Chevalier peninsular bounded by mangroves to the east and Pt. Chev beach to the west. The park is a large-ish flat grassy area is divided by a play ground and bounded by tall pines. The tall pines were planted at the beginning of the twentieth century as a wind break so construction could start on a hospital for infectious diseases. The hospital was never fully completed and only pressed into service twice before falling into disuse and eventually dismantled in 1921 after the area was officially designated as a scenic reserve.

The area has a large flat space which is perfect for fetch with a play ground for kids in the middle. If you walk to the far end, you’ll get spectacular views over the harbour towards the harbour bridge and the city.

There’s also a few paths to descend down on to Pt. Chev beach where your dog can have a run around on the beach and even a quick swim! Be careful on the rocks at low tide, it can be slippery and there are a few oysters clinging to the rocks.

Even though this space is perfect for dogs, it’s also very popular with other non-dog owners so the council has imposed rules around off leash times.

Your dog must stay at least 10m clear of the playground and can only be off leash between

  • 7pm - 9am: Labour Weekend to March 31
  • 4pm - 10am: 1 April to Labour Weekend

However, because it’s a popular space it usually has a great high-energy vibe about the place making a perfect spot for an evening walk.

The park area doesn’t have any doggy bags so don’t forget to bring some along, but it is very human friendly with public toilets, bbq tables, and playground area.

Location: End of Point Chevalier Rd, Point Chevalier

Snowy’s Rating: ⭐⭐⭐

This park is a great asset to the area and fantastic for an evening stroll, even though this is an amazing spot for dogs, Snowy is reluctant to give it more than 3 stars as he can’t enjoy it all day round.

✔️ Large flat area perfect for fetch
✔️ Spectacular views over Auckland Harbour
✔️ Central location
✔️ Popular with lots going on

35: Great spot - too bad dogs can only enjoy it in the evening!

While we do our upmost to ensure all information is correct. Council policy does change and you should always check the council website for the latest guidelines.

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